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1.1.2 Part 1: Determination of Filterable Matter 1.2 These test methods cover the determination of the turbidity of water. Turbidity is the level of white matter that appears to be suspended in a liquid and is produced by the suspended matter in the water. Turbidity is primarily caused by the presence of organic matter, microscopic organisms, or other suspended particles in the water. 1.2.1 Turbidity is the optical characteristic property of a liquid that is a measure of the amount of suspended matter in the water. In this test method, turbidity is measured as the maximum height of a column of water that is free from visible suspended matter and represented by the optical density at 680 nm. Turbidity measures all forms of suspended matter, except for white particles, that cause scattering of light. 1.2.2 The turbidity test method covers the use of ultraviolet (UV) light (ultraviolet light may be included in a separate test) to reduce the turbidity of water. Ultraviolet radiation reduces the quantity of suspended matter in water. Ultraviolet light may be produced by any energy source that emits rays at 254 nm, 365 nm, or a combination of these wavelengths. Light-emitting diodes, mercury lamps, and low pressure mercury vapor lamps are types of energy sources that produce ultraviolet light. 1.2.3 Ultraviolet light with a peak at 254 nm is used in the turbidity test method. This wavelength produces light that is absorbed by the primary part of the aromatic carbon-carbon double bond system in most biologically important molecules. The penetration of ultraviolet light into water containing organic matter is sufficient to reduce the turbidity of the water by as much as 98 percent. 1.2.4 The normal procedure for the ultraviolet turbidity test method is as follows: Store all test materials and apparatus at room temperature (15.5°C ± 0.5°C) if they are not temperature-resistant or have a temperature coefficient of more than 3.0 percent. A working solution containing 0.01 to 1.00 mg/L of sodium nitrite is prepared by mixing sodium nitrite with deionized water. A solution of 0.1 mg/L



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Astm D5907 13.pdf
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